A lot of children are excited to go back to school. One of the things that they are looking forward to is back-to-school shopping. Who can blame them? It’s so much fun to shop for new clothes that ensure they look cool, and supplies that can help increase their productivity at school at with homework at home.

Here are two one-of-a-kind products that will assist the students in your home with their productivity.

Instant Chalkboard

Instant chalkboard is easy to set up and instantly converts any surface, wall, or room into a productivity masterpiece. Plus, it’s fun. Fun + efficient = maximum school productivity.

Kids love animal shaped instant chalkboard.

And let’s be honest, us adults could use a boost in productivity in the home-office, too.

Or, even in the kitchen.

Magnetic Locker Wallpaper

Your kid is going to get their new locker when school starts. Instead of going for an everyday look, they can jazz it up with magnetic wallpaper.

Magnetic wallpaper will give your student even more reason to hit the lockers between classes and ensure they have the proper books and supplies for the next class. Magnetic locker designz come in a variety of designs, perfect for boys or girls.