Americans love their celebrities. They love to track them through tabloid magazines and peer into their lifestyles through behind-the-scenes television programs. A glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous may include a look at their homes. Here are a few brief descriptions of celebrity kitchens with features that are worth emulating.

Celebrity Kitchens

(Pixabay / kirkandmimi)

  • Gerard Butler’s kitchen – This Scottish actor, singer, and producer didn’t started out in show business. He studied law but turned to acting in the mid-1990s, performing minor roles before being discovered. He is well known for his roles in “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Dracula 2000,” and “300.” Butler’s kitchen is charmingly rustic with a stone backsplash and dark, rough-hewn cabinets. A distressed island is the centerpiece of his magical kitchen.
  • Hillary Duff’s kitchen – Duff is an American actress and singer who started her acting career at a very young age. She quickly became a teen idol as the title character of the Disney Channel’s comedy series “Lizzie McGuire.” Duff’s kitchen is a massive one, which may be categorized as a cross between medieval and industrial. This otherworldly kitchen features a hulking refrigerator/freezer with a center island that blends with earthen ceiling and rustic lighting.
  • Meg Ryan’s kitchen – Ryan is an actress, producer, and director. She started portraying minor roles in 1981 before she joined the cast of “As the World Turns,” a CBS soap opera. After appearing in minor roles, she was recognized for her acting in “Promised Land.” Her performance in “When Harry Met Sally” brought her a great deal of attention and her first Golden Globe nomination. Ryan’s kitchen features stellar lighting with plenty of windows that open up to a lovely vista. Her kitchen features a big center island that does not overcrowd the space. Even the cooking-averse would find food preparation enjoyable in her kitchen.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen – As an actress, singer, and food writer, it is understandable that Paltrow has a dazzling kitchen. It features a fancy chandelier with dark cabinetry that provides a stunning contrast to the light-colored center island, floors, and walls.

Most of us don’t have pockets deep enough to replicate these celebrity kitchens. However, they offer styles, looks, and flourishes that can inspire the rest of us to elevate our kitchen décor.