Easy Home Renewals is a born and bred Atlanta small business, and we could not be more proud. The owner of this business is a long-time Atlanta native, and each of our employees has lived here long-term, if not forever! I think hometown pride is something unique that drives small businesses. You get to know the ins and outs of your city, the mail carriers, the customers, the neighbors – we all work together to make our dreams come true! We’ve spent just about the last decade in our warehouse on the West End of the city, and are toying with the idea of moving. Searching for new spaces in different neighborhoods really has us feeling a deep connection and gratitude for our city. We feel so lucky to have grown up here is, and always find ourselves in constant awe of the makers, shakers, movers, and doers that we are in the company of!

Handmade wooden ATL sign on top of Venetian Gold Instant Granite

And the energy of our small but mighty city seems to be MULTIPLYING this weekend. NFL signs and Super Bowl memorabilia have been invading for weeks, but you can feel it all coming to a head right now. While, of course, we wish our Atlanta Falcons were going to be kicking off this Super Bowl Sunday, we are still excited for the inevitable excitement that will pulse through the city this weekend. We can’t wait to spend this Sunday with the rest of the country enjoying the game, the commercials, the food, and the frenzy!

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