Valentine’s Day is coming up, which is great news for retailers. After all, the industry typically brings in around $19 billion in gift sales. People splurge on flowers, perfume, and chocolates nestled in heart-shaped boxes.

Another Valentine staple is a romantic dinner out. This can be enjoyable but also very crowded, because many Americans have the exact same idea. If you want to skip the hubbub of going out, consider staying at home for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Valentine’s Day Kitchen

You can create an intimate dinner of your own in the sanctity of your kitchen. Put a bouquet of roses in a vase, light up the candles, and dim the lights. You can complete the theme by wrapping your kitchen appliances with love-themed covers from Appliance Art.

There are two Valentine’s Day-themed covers to choose from. Decide between the Valentine’s Rose Custom Dishwasher Cover and Valentine’s Day Hearts Custom Dishwasher Cover. No matter what the state of your dishwasher, they can transform it into a perfect complement to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Both dishwasher covers are available as either vinyl with adhesive or a magnet-backed material. If you are leaning toward the magnet-backed option, make sure that your dishwasher is indeed magnetic. The vinyl option can easily be installed using the free squeegee that comes with your order. The magnetic option adheres to the surface of your dishwasher.

The Valentine’s Rose Custom Dishwasher Cover depicts a dew-kissed red rose in electric colors while the Valentine’s Day Hearts Custom Dishwasher Cover is dotted with a riot of bold red hearts, the symbol of the day, on a swirled red background.

Wrapping your dishwasher in either of the two covers will show your dinner date that you have gone the extra mile to make the night a memorable one.