A picnic is a great way to bond with family or friends. But planning for one can be a little taxing. You need to consider a lot of things like what food to bring, what drinks to bring, etc. In recognition of July being National Picnic Month, here are eight tips to maximize your day enjoying a picnic. Don’t miss reading all of them to see a bonus tip at the end.

  1. Invite great company. A great picnic is not only about bringing a delectable selection of picnic food and drinks, but the people who you will be sharing it with also contributes to how great the picnic day will turn out.
  2. Assess the needs of the people you invited for the picnic. For example, if you or guests are with a toddler then consider bringing some toys and other essentials needed.
  3. Choose your picnic location. If you are having a picnic with your family, choose a location that they will enjoy. If your spouse or child enjoys fishing, a location near a lake will be nice. If your children enjoy a short trek, a walk on the beach, or a little camping adventure, then choose the right place that they will enjoy.
  4. Decide on the time of day that you are going for a picnic. A late afternoon picnic means that you might want to bring a tent for an overnight adventure perhaps, or an umbrella for a morning picnic under the sun. The time will also help you decide on what clothes to wear, too.
  5. Consider all picnic materials that you should bring, like plasticware, mats, small folding chairs to sit on, or a hammock that you can tie in the tree, large beach towels if you are at the beach, tablecloths, big umbrellas, etc.
  6. Aside from the usual picnic baskets, you can also bring coolers or simply plastic grocery sacks.
  7. Decide on an easy to prepare and assemble menu. Prepare cooked food in advance, fresh green salads in mason or bottle containers for portability, etc. A pot luck or asking friend to contribute makes the meal easier and more delicious for everyone.
  8. Bring garbage bags to discard disposable plastic utensils, plates, and other trash. Just enjoy the scenery, enjoy the fun games and picnic activities, but refrain from leaving behind your rubbish.
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