Summer is here. It is time to hit the beach and enjoy that much-deserved vacation. But did you know that aside from enjoying the sun, sand, surf, and sea, summer is also an inspiring time to renovate your home? Here are four reasons why summer is the best season for home renovations.

  1. Renovating during the summer is practical. The temperature is comfortable and paint dries faster.
  2. Summer makes it easier to transport materials by not having to deal with winter snow.
  3. Summer makes landscaping easy. Start that outdoor project or get that garden going while the sun is shining.
  4. It’s beautiful outside! Nothing is more inspiring of a productive day than beautiful weather outside.

Here are some custom-submitted renovations that are summer-time favorites.

  • Replacing windows for more energy efficient glazed windows
  • Fixing sprinklers
  • Kids’ treehouse
  • Kids sandbox
  • Anything roof-related is always put off during winter. Summer makes roof projects a must-do priority
  • Building that expanded deck to entertain on
  • Cabinet upgrade
  • Bathroom remodel

For a luxurious look without breaking the bank, why not upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with Instant Granite from Appliance Art? Instant Granite transforms your countertops or any flat surface to granite. Saving you thousands. You can have granite-looking counertops for 99% less than actual granite.

Instant Granite comes in five styles and colors to choose from.

  • Ubatuba Black
  • Venetian Gold
  • Chestnut
  • Luna Pearl
  • White Italian Marble